Energoimpex Metal’s business philosophy is based on the collaborative supply chain and production approach. This way we are able to work with our customers more effectively – minimising risks and costs, acting quickly and operatively at the local scale. Our Metal Partners also greatly benefit from this interconnected setup, as we effortlessly increase their marketing reach.

The idea of integrating and treating suppliers as teammates, has also led to strategies that generate improved supplier development, long-term supplier relationships and competitive cost management. The stronger these supplier cooperations become, the easier it becomes to continue meeting industry’s expectations. As one we are not exclusively limited to the regions we currently service and together we are prepared to meet the needs of global supply chains for our global customers.

Energoimpex Metal and Metal Partners cover extensive geographies, both by sea and by land. Our presence stretches from the Gulf of Finland to the western Baltic shores of Denmark, touching both the Nordic and Western European manufacturing landscape.

Every day we play a part in making modern adjustments towards more efficient, sustainable and digitalised systems of the world of tomorrow – largely in part thanks to our strong supplier base, or as we like to call them, our Metal Partners.

Join our network of Metal Partners and help us connect metal both locally and globally.

Metal Partners

Become a Metal Partner

What we offer you:

Save your time

  • We do the admin, you do the parts
  • Optimise and fill your capacities with frequent and relevant projects
  • Regular and guaranteed order placements

Expand your reach

  • Real job opportunities from global, industry-wide clients
  • Free inclusion in a EU-based cluster of manufacturing experts
  • Long-term cooperation plans and prospective benefits

Receive your dues

  • Get paid for your successes – from net-7 to net-15 payments for qualified suppliers or Metal Partners
  • Boost your sales without any sales effort
  • Receive informative and descriptive production drawings and product specifications

What you offer us:

Guaranteed quality

  • ISO 9001 certification is a prerequisite
  • Other industry-specific certifications are advantageous
  • Certified materials in production use

Internal maintenance

  • Use of LEAN manufacturing principles
  • Well-kept equipment and machinery
  • Agreement to periodic audit checks

Reliability, Communication
and Transparency

  • NDA contracts are fundamental
  • Mutual trust and respect –
    responsiveness is key
  • Superior complaint management and timely order executions

We are conscious of the unrelenting advancement of Industry 4.0 and of the responsibility we carry before our customers’ and partners’ successful existence in this new world guided by smart technologies.

Our business model pivots on the maximised integration with our purchasers and suppliers. Together we must achieve a symbiotic relationship and Energoimpex is ready to facilitate this needed optimisation step, from the supply chain coordination to production processes integration.

Our years of industrial experience and longstanding relationships have allowed us to build a reliable partner network. Efficient supplier management and market intelligence enable Energoimpex to continuously refine cost, time and quality indices for its customers, and simultaneously nourish supplier affinities and enhance agile working processes.

Get started:

This year marks the beginning of growing together through Motion and Innovation. Send us your company presentation to begin.

Energoimpex will then contact you regarding the initial on-boarding procedure and test inquiries.