We also offer the following production services:


Steel Structures & Fabrication

3D Printing

Energoimpex Metal has specialised Metal Partners that offer additive production processes.

These trending methods offer some of the most free-form ways of making metal or plastic parts. 3D printing is also commonly used for rapid prototyping in product design and development.

For large-scale engineering projects we refer to our experts in assembly, mounting, installation and constructions manufacturing. These larger support functions deepen our position as a reliable partner in turnkey and EPC projects. Our participation in several oil refinery construction works via successful procurement of industrial pumping units is the first solid step to diversifying and broadening Energoimpex’s heavy industry operations.

These are secondary processes and before we are able to assist our customers in their large-scale project implementations we first consult our outsourced engineering specialists in order to create a plan and find the most cost-quality-balanced solutions. We approach each project diligently and responsibly, acting in customer’s best interest.

We are more than happy to assess these additional engineering and production tasks, their technical feasibility and analysis outcomes.

Send us an email with your project details at metal@energoimpex.eu