Our integrated supply chain is a product of well planned coordination and collaboration with our channel partners, including sub-suppliers, third-party service providers, and customers. It is a unified set of activities, flows and people that work together to balance supply and demand of the industry today.

From the very foundations of supply chain concepts and elements – planning, sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation – Energoimpex Metal helps transform raw materials into the final product, and does so by encouraging human beings to work alongside machines and connecting men to men in order to create opportunities that will effectuate both the supply chain objective and the digital transition.

We offer our EnergoProcess to support all of supply chain activities, servicing the customer’s procurement, production, quality control and logistics operations.

We are the one service partner that accelerates and simplifies industrial operations and lets companies spend their time and effort in the creative design processes, bringing technological marvels to the end-consumer.

Stages of Work


  • Easy, fast and safe upload of 3D models and 2D drawings
  • Multiple file formats accepted
  • Dedicated and responsive customer service


  • Smart multi-quote system with competitive prices
  • Comprehensive offer study based on make-or-buy decisions
  • Price offer within 48h for CNC parts


  • Single point of contact – Energoimpex Metal is your designated industry messenger
  • Speed order processing and production scheduling
  • Quality over quantity – only select ISO 9001 certified Metal Partners


  • Versatile production capabilities and high-level QC
  • Most diverse industries, solutions and materials in the Baltic States
  • Prototyping, volume parts production and long-term projects fulfilment


  • Private trucking opportunities in the EU
  • Worldwide shipping – expedited dispatch and protected packaging
  • CNC parts at your door within 7 days