Energoimpex Metal works with a diverse selection of materials and always aims to propose bespoke solutions for its customers’ specific material needs.

Our flexibility and readily available stocks are unmatched on the Baltic market, and we always welcome suggestions to further enrich our portfolio. Material categories range from machining metals and plastics to aluminium alloys and special steels, to thermoplastics with high weldability.

Commonly used metal grades for CNC machining and sheet metal processing:

Metal is our passion, but we also process polymers as much. The standard choices are:

• ABS • Nylon • PEEK • POM • PTFE • PVC


  • EN 1.0503 | C45 (mild carbon steel)
    for machining
  • EN 1.1141 | C15D (mild carbon steel)
  • EN 1.0038 | S235JR (structural steel)
    for machining, sheet metal
  • EN 1.0044 | S275JR (structural steel)
  • EN 1.0045 | S355JR (structural steel)
    for machining
  • EN 1.0577 | S355J2 (structural steel)
    for machining, sheet metal
  • EN 1.0715 | 11SMn30 (machining alloy steel) for machining
  • EN 1.7225 | 42CrMo4 (alloy steel)
    for machining
  • EN 1.6582 | 34CrNiMo6 (alloy steel)
  • EN 1.2379 | X153CrMoV12 (tool steel)
  • EN 1.2510 | 100MnCrW4 (tool steel)

Stainless Steel

  • EN 1.4305 | V1A (AISI 303 stainless steel)
    for machining
  • EN 1.4301 | V2A (AISI 304 stainless steel)
    for machining, sheet metal, cutting
  • EN 1.4306 | X2CrNi19-11 (AISI 304L stainless steel)
  • EN 1.4401 | X5CrNiMo17-12-2 (AISI 316 stainless steel)
  • EN 1.4404 | V4A (AISI 316L stainless steel)
    for machining, sheet metal, cutting
  • EN 1.4828 | X15CrNiSi20-12 (AISI 309 stainless steel)

Special Metal Alloys

  • Hardox
  • Strenx
  • Domex
  • Inconel

Copper, Brass & Bronze

  • Copper | EN CW004A | 2.0060 | C101
    for machining, sheet metal
  • Copper | EN CW008A | 2.0040
  • Brass | EN CW614N | 2.0401
    for machining
  • Brass | CuZn30 | 2.0265
  • Bronze | CuSn8 | 2.1030


  • Titanium Grade 2 | EN 3.7035
  • Titanium Grade 1 | EN 3.7025


  • EN AW-6082 | Al-Si1Mg
    for machining
  • EN AW-6060 | Al-MgSi
    for cutting
  • EN AW-6061 | Al-Mg1SiCu
  • EN AW-7075 | Al-Zn6MgCu
    for machining
  • EN AW-5083 | Al-Mg4,5Mn
    for sheet metal
  • EN AW-2007 | AlCuMgPb
    for machining
  • EN AW-5754 | AlMg3 (aluminium sheet)
    for sheet metal

Energoimpex Metal realises non-standard material requirements, runs own trading operations and arranges stock agreements with long-term partners.

We approach our materials with great care and ensure our Metal Partners select certified metal products from reputable traders and suppliers.

All the necessary material certificates can be provided per your request according to our Group’s Manufacturing and QA Standards. You can find additional information on our quality standards and corresponding reports in the Quality Assurance and Certification section.

In our metal network there are partners that offer special-purpose steels from the esteemed SSAB high-strength steel portfolio such as Hardox or Strenx, consistently utilised in oil and mining equipment reinforcement. If your structures or products should become exposed to extreme conditions, then wear-resistant and hardened steels should be your top priority.

Upload your part with ease in our quote form and select your material of choice in the drop-down menu. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please enter your custom material or contact us by metal@energoimpex.eu. We will make sure to fit in with your requirements and update our material assortment in turn.